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 Jaebeom leaving Korea for USA on Sept 9, 2009 at 6.30pm

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PostSubject: Jaebeom leaving Korea for USA on Sept 9, 2009 at 6.30pm   Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:09 pm

Jaebeom's farewell message (translated from Korean) reads:

Hello, I'm 2PM's Jaebeom.

sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter. I think it
will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I'm really sorry to everyone, and I'm even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.

From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I'm really sorry to the boys and I'm sorry I couldn't be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.

However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I'm sorry.


Jaebeom has apologized, he did everything he can to appeasse the netizens...

but noooo... they went for the kill! They wanted blood!!

sure the antis have also said derogatory things about Americans,
Jaebeom & all, in retaliation or otherwise... and it is ok for them
to do that? double standards?

Jaebeom [a young man, alone in a
foreign land, in culture shock, lonely, friendless...] made some honest
comments about his feelings at that time.. er.. like a long time ago..
more than 5yrs?

Gee! and who's the nosy-parker who had to go
dig up stuff and blow it all out of proportion!! When the damage is
done... they apologize! With that 'one word sorry', everything's
supposed to be ok... All's well and dandy!

How about Jaebeom's
apology?? I don't blame him for just calling it a day! But if it was
me, I'd sue the netizens first, win the slander & defamation case,
with cash in the bank, then go home a satisfied, happy, rich man :-)

Jaebeom at airport leaving for USA on Sept 9, 2009

Justice ~ Conformity to truth and reality in expressing opinions and in conduct; fair representation of facts respecting merit or demerit; honesty; fidelity; impartiality;
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Jaebeom leaving Korea for USA on Sept 9, 2009 at 6.30pm
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