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 2PM Taec's fans become Antis to Baek Ji Young??

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PostSubject: 2PM Taec's fans become Antis to Baek Ji Young??   Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:49 am

Baek ji young appeared on KBS 2TV show 'Yoo Hae Yul's sketch book diary' where she revealed how her duo with 2PM Taekyeon created a fuss. Recently Baek Ji Young steamy duo with Taeyeon made many fans jealous. Baek Ji Young was asked if 'Have you gotten more fans as you have done a Duo with Taekyeon?" but truthfully replied 'I have got more Antis increasing than Fans'

'The messages i get i always reply' the replies were 'I know what you guys are feeling too. I've liked Park Nam Jung before as a fan. With this chance will let me support Taekyeon and assure full support to fans'. However the replies i got were 'Why the hell are talking informally to me?' she said how surprised she was.

Personally I don't think these are really replys from Hottest ... as Hottest has always been supporting of this collaboration ...

9 years ago at 2000 ... Baek Ji Young was push out of the entertainment biz when a sex video of her got around. I think these Antis are just back in biz when Beak Ji Young returns ...

Source - Daum, ♥️2pm♥️@2ONEDAY.COM (Trans)
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2PM Taec's fans become Antis to Baek Ji Young??
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