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 G Dragon Heartbreak's plagiarism

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PostSubject: Park Myung-soo against plagiarism   Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:31 pm

On a recent MBC radio program "FM4U" ... Parl Myung Soo comment "It’s not right to say who, but everyone on the internet knows and I find it strange that some people actually insist that the work isn’t plagiarism."

Other guest Bae Gi-sang and Sang Dae-hyun also added that "It's a national humiliation, plaiarism. It makes foreigners ask, ‘Are you a country with no originality?"

Hmmm many are suggesting this is a call out to G Dragon for his latest "Heartbreaker" plagiarism problem ...

Credit - Popseoul
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Posts : 19
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PostSubject: G Dragon Heartbreak's plagiarism   Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:36 pm

G Dragon's recent solo "Heartbreaker" was under the attack from Netizens for plagiarism.

Below is a post by a Netizens quoting the recent 2PM incident ... and saying that it should be G Dragon who should leave Korea ... and calling G Dragon a "shameless robber"

"How is it that the person who really should have left, GD, didn’t leave…"
"Instead Jaebeom, the person who posted an apology letter and who said that he had been reflecting and regretting has left?"
"What about Gdragon, who shamelessly doesn’t admit his plagiarism and just takes the #1 spot like a robber?”
“Is this why they say good guys finish last?”
“I really can’t believe this…I’m dumfounded.”

Credit - SeoulBeats

The "witch hunting" contiues ...
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G Dragon Heartbreak's plagiarism
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