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 SNSD - Netizens stiring up trouble for Dream Concert 2009

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PostSubject: SNSD - Netizens stiring up trouble for Dream Concert 2009   Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:07 am

Last year there was the silent treatment during SNSD's performance by a number of fan clubs ...

This yr someone is trying to repeat the SNSD's boycott ... and this was posted on SHINee's forum

"Hello, this is manager Yiseul. Dream Concert is coming up on the 10th, and of course, SHINee will be on the stage. Today I am writing to tell you about "SNSD silence." Fans of SNSD, also known as Sotakus (note: a derogatory term), caused grief to other fan clubs even after 2008 Dream Concert, and their disruptive behavior still continues in 2009. They're doing things such as making anti cafes, hacking accounts of fan club managers, hacking for access to various fan club chatting rooms and much more. It's time that the SHINee world take a stand. If you're a member of an SNSD fan club, please quit. If you're going to be present at this year's Dream Concert, please turn off your glow stick and keep silent during SNSD's performance. Sotakus are males, and because they are so arrogant all they have to show is their strength. Let us teach Sotakus of their foolishness. There is no need for sympathy just because we are all a part of SM. Please share this with fan clubs of other bands that will take part in Dream Concert."

Turn out this person is a fake SHINee fan ... and drumroll ... he/she is a member of Big Bang & 2NE1's fan cafe ... and all guns are now pointed to YG's fan ...

I don't know what is the motive behind such a move ... I don't see any pros of doing such a post ... please like quote from Allkpop ... Let's all get along ...

Read the full story at Allkpop ~
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SNSD - Netizens stiring up trouble for Dream Concert 2009
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