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 Guess who don't sue! Kpop star in draft dodging controversy?

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PostSubject: Guess who don't sue! Kpop star in draft dodging controversy?   Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:48 pm

Korean police found name of a K-pop star "Lee" in customer list of a draft dodging broker who was recently arrested.

The name of the singer is not visible in the page of the list that the police released, but other information is visible - it reads "celebrity", "79" (birth year), and "in graduate studies". The arrested broker confessed that he was asked to help the singer but did not carry out the request, while the singer's manager denies any ties with the broker. The said "Lee" is currently in alternative services according to the police.

Draft dodging brokers specialize in helping people get poor rating in physical test for mandatory military services. If you get a poor rating, you either get fully exempt or get assigned do alternative service instead of military service - instead of living in a barrack and serving as a soldier, you live at home and work as a low ranking public servant. Brokers introduce customers to doctors who are willing to diagnose them with non-existent illnesses which will result in the customer getting poor rating, as well as give them other tips on faking illness.

Netizens claim that they have found an artist who matches all of the information released so far, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Credit - Allkpop

Oki I'm not familiar with Korean national services so I can't comment much on this ... guess we can only see when Netizens are going to release the name of this "Lee" artist ...
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Guess who don't sue! Kpop star in draft dodging controversy?
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