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 Hyun Joong's out of the hospital...

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PostSubject: Hyun Joong's out of the hospital...   Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:24 am

…and headed straight back to work!

It has been revealed that SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong was released from medical care after being treated for H1N1 influenza, better known as the swine flu.

The singer, who was discharged from the Japanese hospital care on September 12th, has been in Japan resting with his manager and is set to return to Korea on September 16th.

In light of his recent illness, Hyun-joong isn’t taking any more time off than what is absolutely necessary. The singer plans to head back to work not too long after he returns to Korea.

It has been reported that he and his SS501 group mates have already started discussing promotional activities for their upcoming album, which will be released later this month.

Surprisingly, even though Hyun-joong was in the hospital for nearly a week this month, neither the album release date nor scheduled activities will be pushed back. A representative from S501’s company DSP Media stated:
“The official album release set to
release this month end will proceed as scheduled. It is true that we
had considered delay of release in view of Kim Hyun-joong’s condition
of H1N1 influenza symptoms. However, for the fans who have waited 3
years for this official album and to keep the promise to their fans, we
respect the opinions of the members.”
Seriously, whenever I hear about Kim Hyun-joong falling ill or fainting, I wonder how hard things must be for his poor immune system. His body has got to be working overtime, which can’t be good for his health in the long-run, right? Still, I’ve got to hand it to him for not letting little things (like his health!) get in the way of his work.

All sarcasm aside, remember Hyun-joong, there’s a fine line between dedication and self-torture. Take it easy, will ya!

credit * Popseoul

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Hyun Joong's out of the hospital...
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