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 WonderGirls called 'Pathetic' by netizens

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PostSubject: WonderGirls called 'Pathetic' by netizens   Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:05 am

Will netizens ever stop? The WonderGirls are being slammed after a picture of members at a fan signing session was released. Check out the 'Pathetic' pictures~

Can you guess why is the picture “pathetic?” Me neither. If anything, I see some So-hee's side-boob.

This, my English-speaking friends, is what we call a cultural difference. Korean netizens are all in a frenzy at the picture displaying the WonderGirls signing a fan’s shoe.

In Korea, the action can be seen as degrading: one bowing down to sign a shoe (similar to kissing one’s master’s feet perhaps?)

In America, I see a punk-rock-ish fan (note: shoelaces, pants) asking the WonderGirls to sign his/her Converse sneakers.

Having an autograph on a pair of converse sounds quite impressive if you ask me. What do you think? Are the netizens too uptight or are the WonderGirls acting like cash cow slaves?

credit * Popseoul

Definition of Pathetic ~
arousing pity or sympathy
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WonderGirls called 'Pathetic' by netizens
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