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 Writer of MNET show left encouragement message for JaeBeom

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PostSubject: Writer of MNET show left encouragement message for JaeBeom   Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:22 am

A writer for 2PM’s popular MNET show “Wild Bunny” has just posted a rather cute message to the unfortunately fallen leader of 2PM, Park Jae-bum, in hope of his return.

The message reads:
Park Jae-beum [playing around with his name]!
If you don’t come back from Seattle right now…
The scene where you suffered in that hot bathroom just to scare the other members- I’m going to completely edit it out!!!

that’s how I want to threaten you but…
…I’m just a writer..ha..

credit * PopSeoul

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Writer of MNET show left encouragement message for JaeBeom
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