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 G Dragon - Caught Smoking

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PostSubject: G Dragon - Caught Smoking   Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:48 pm

Think this is a bad month for G Dragon ... on one hand he has a case with Sony over his songs "Heartbreaker" and "Breathe" ... on the other hand ... pic of him smoking has been release on the web.

Again ... Netizens are rising up and here are some of the post online ...

This fool smokes too?
Smoking isn't a big deal, but GD is an idol. Shouldn't he be more careful?
I liked Big Bang's GD better than the solo GD.
He really wants to ruin his image -.-
Didn't he participate in an anti-smoking campaign last year? How hypocritical.
An artist like him should be taking care of his throat, but he smokes instead.

Of cos as with pple coming against ... there are pple supporting G Dragon as well. VIPs generally agreed the choice of smoking is personal, but they do wish he can quit for health reason instead of a image issue.

Source - Allkpop
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G Dragon - Caught Smoking
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